Sunday, February 8, 2009


Thank you for visiting my blog, Healing Vibrations. I will be providing many helpful tips, tools, information and advice on the topics listed below...Plus much much more!

Below are some of the topics that will be covered:

Healing Yourself

How to Meditate

Coming Back From A Broken Relationship

You Don't Have to Be Lonely Anymore

Can You Be In Love With More Than One Person at A Time?

Are You Feeling Stuck or in A Rut?

Why Do You Feel Different From Everyone Else?

Vibrations for Good Health

How to Find Your Truths

How to Release Your Pain

All About Chakras

All About Your Aura

Finding the God of Your Heart

What Space Are You In?

Finding Your Soulmate

How to Center/Ground Your Body

Running Your Energy

Are You Becoming An Energy Freak?

Be Careful of What You Are Creating

How to Create and Have What You Want

Why Do You Always Feel Lousy?

Why Are You Always Getting the Short End of the Stick?

What Competition Does to You

Communicating With A Friend or Loved One Who Has Passed Away

Jealousy and You

Why Are You So Angry?

What Are You Attracting?

How to Feel Great Anytime You Want

What Are Your Lessons in This Lifetime?

What's Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals & Happiness?

Who is Controlling You?

How to Get Rid of Your Programing

Why Do You Keep Falling In Love?

Learning How to Use Your Energy Centers

Past Lives and How They Affect You Today

What Are You Creating For Your Future?

How to Develop Your Psychic/Clairvoyant Abilities

Energy Balancing

Opening Up Spiritually

Finding the God of Your Heart

How to Create Happiness

Creating Money

Creating A Good Relationship

Are You Psychic?

How to Release Negative Energy

Invalidation and How it Affects You

How to Lose Weight

How to Do A Clairvoyant Reading

Why Are You Misunderstood?

How to Change Your Luck

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